amazon-controller-details-1It is not a surprise that Amazon’s game controller has been revealed, where this particular device is set to play nice with their brand new Fire TV. Of course, one can always make use of the set-top box’s remote or an upcoming custom app in order to play games with, although this dedicated controller is also more than capable of doing its bit to control a Fire TV-specific version of Minecraft.

amazon-controller-minecraftOther than Minecraft, this particular game controller too, would be able to take advantage of titles such as the third-person shooter known as Sev Zero from Amazon Game Studios, in addition to other titles from big time developers including the likes of 2K, Ubisoft and Take-Two. This particular accessory ought to cost one $49 a pop, and we are pleased to announce that it will be accompanied by some Amazon Coins so that you will be able to get started right away.

Not only that, Amazon claims that it is going to be rather affordable if you want to start gaming on the Fire TV platform, since the average price of its games there hovers around the $1.85 mark. This is a welcome bit of news, and with Amazon’s very own game developers working hard on a bunch of titles that are “coming soon”, one can look forward to a whole lot of uninterrupted gaming sessions in due time.

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