bk-free-wifiWhen you step into a Burger King, chances are you would like to grab a bite and fill up that growling tummy of yours. Well, why not grab some other bytes as well thanks to the launch of AT&T Wi-Fi across all of its U.S. restaurants? This upgraded platform is known as “WHOPPER Wi-Fi”, where it will replace and upgrade existing restaurant Wi-Fi networks in order to enable future Burger King guests and customers an easier to use and more robust experience.

Alex Macedo, President, North America, BKC, shared, “WHOPPER Wi-Fi is about improving the in-restaurant experience for our guests. Most of our guests carry smart phones or tablets, and this upgrade makes their time with us easier and more enjoyable. We are committed to enhancing our digital platforms across the board and having WHOPPER Wi-Fi is just the beginning.”

WHOPPER Wi-Fi, powered by AT&T Ready Zone, is a snap to set up, and it offers a model of consistency regardless of which Burger King restaurant you’re at. I guess you can now “have it your way” when it comes to Wi-Fi connectivity the next time you drop by a Burger King and want a Whopper meal to satisfy those hunger pangs of yours. [Press Release]

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