thrustersIt does seem as though man loves to break all sorts of records, and in the process, perhaps some bones along the way. All right, the latter statement is not exactly true, but it does hold some water if you are referring to the Thrusters by Dreamscience. Basically, the Thrusters happen to be a quartet of small jet engines that are strapped to your stomach, where you are then able to ski a whole lot faster than before, as though you are now the resident speed demon or something.

The Thrusters’ engines will be powered by an on-board battery pack, where this quartet of electric jet engines have been tested by the likes of paragliders, skaters, skiiers and snowboarders alreader. Snowboarder Jamie Barrow managed to hit a top speed of 50 miles per hour when he decided to test out the Thrusters prototype, all the way out on a frozen lake near St. Moritz, Switzerland. That speed was achieved by depending on the Thrusters alone, so do stretch your imagination a little if you were to be on a slope.

Right now, the Trusters remain under development, where the latest version would offer 132 pounds of burst thrust or a top sustainable force of 88 pounds of thrust for a quarter of an hour.

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