Bliss Windows XPMicrosoft will be rolling out the final updates for Windows XP and Office 2003 in a few days’ time, so what can we find that will accompany these releases? For starters, Windows XP will be on the receiving end of a “Critical” update for IE6, 7 and 8, not to mention getting a patch on its own that will carry the label of being “Important”. It makes perfect sense as Microsoft calls time on this long serving desktop operating system.

As for Windows Server 2003, that piece of software too, will be on the receiving end of such similar updates, although the first one will be labeled as a “Moderate” patch. Office 2003 would receive a couple of patches to boot, where one of them falls under the “Critical” category and is meant to fix the exploit that currently affects all existing versions of Word; while the other patch comes with an “Important” label and will make right an issue in Microsoft Publisher 2003.

The nitty gritty behind such security patches have not been mentioned in the advanced bulletin simply for the fact that Microsoft does not want to provide any additional “assistance” to potential hackers, but if you are going to remain on Windows XP, do keep in mind that as no more security support is offered by Microsoft after this month, you could run into potential security issues down the road.

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