Today Google’s productivity apps break out from Google Drive, which already lets users create, view and edit documents on their mobile devices. Docs, Sheets and Slides will now be available as standalone apps for both iOS and Android, allowing users to work offline and on the go. Everything will automatically be synced with the cloud so users will have access to their documents, spreadsheets and presentations at all times, wherever they might be.

The apps aren’t exactly that different from the Google Drive app, which as previously mentioned, is already capable of all of these things. The new apps simply have different color schemes making them a bit more cosmetically pleasing. Though by breaking out the productivity apps Google has accomplished two things.

First it provides users with a clear sense of where to go if they want to work on documents, spreadsheets or presentations. Secondly since they’re now all available as individual applications it would be easier for Google to roll out updates.

As of now only the Docs and Sheets applications have gone live for both iOS and Android. Slides will be making its way to mobile devices in the near future as well. Over the next few days users will be prompted to download these apps when they go to create or edit a document in the Google Drive app.

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