Modding games is nothing new and in the past, we have seen how mods have changed games. Some mods are more utility-based while some truly transform the game into something else entirely, like how Skyrim mods have actually improved the graphics of the game, making it look completely unrecognizable.

That being, YouTuber boblester122 has put together a video in which Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV game has been given a slight mod by introducing Elsa, the Snow Queen character from the animated film, Frozen. It’s actually a little bizarre to see Elsa run around shooting guns and firing off rockets, all the while the theme song, Let It Go, is playing the background.

Now the good news is that this mod is actually available for download, so if this sounds like a mod you wouldn’t mind checking out, then perhaps you will want to head on over to the GTA 4 mods’ website for the download.

In the meantime if you have a minute to spare, you can check out the video above to see Elsa blowing stuff up, not with ice or snow, but with firepower which is a little ironic if you think about it, not to mention pretty weird too.

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