8839-223-Screen-Shot-2014-04-02-at-111445-PM-lIt’s safe to say that datacenters, which tend to be pretty huge, require a lot of power to keep them operational. Not only is the power needed to keep the servers running, but it is also required to keep them extremely cool as well lest they overheat and cause a bunch of other problems.

As we know there are many ways to generate electricity either through the burning of coal, nuclear, or going green by using kinetic or solar energy, which is what companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google are doing, and according to Greenpeace, they found Apple to be the most environmentally friendly of the bunch.

In fact this is a huge improvement over a couple of years ago when Apple was still relying on fossil fuels to power its datacenters, resulting in Greenpeace giving them “D” and “F” scores across the board, compared to now where they have been award 3 As and a B, putting them on par with the likes of Facebook who appears to be doing pretty well.

Unfortunately the scores also shows that Amazon isn’t doing too well on the green front and it has been suggested that Greenpeace could start putting pressure on Amazon and their customers like Netflix and Spotify to move to other providers with greener credentials.

According to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, “They’re the absolute laggards in the industry right now. All the other companies have made some incredible changes in the past 24 months, but Amazon has remained totally silent.”

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