etyTBGQValve’s Half-Life 2 was released nearly 10 years ago and for a game released around that time, it looked pretty damn good. However fast forward 10 years, even die-hard Half-Life fans have to admit that the graphics are still to look a little dated, which is why a user called Logithx over at the Polycount website has decided to do something about it.

We should note that the screenshots pictured above and below are not representative of an upcoming game or mod for Half-Life 2. It’s essentially an “art project” which consists of some scenes from Half-Life 2 remade using the Unreal Engine.

MQ0bvSCIf anything these images serves as a stark contrast between how games looked back in the day compared to how more modern 3D games are starting to look like, and boy we have to say that it looks pretty good!

However there is a chance that it could look even better because according to Logithx, he plans on recreating these scenes using the recently announced Unreal Engine 4. According to him, “Still tons of stuff to do like creating all the exterior stuff, train interiors and some smaller models (monitors and props) but then Epic released UE4 in all its glory. Please note that there’s lots of placeholder models/textures/lighting and general derpyness in these pic. Can’t wait to get going with UE4.”

FUmUsMsNow we can only imagine that if Valve were to work on Half-Life 3, it would look something like this, if not better. What do you guys think? Do these images suddenly invoke the need/want for a Half-Life 3?

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