game-of-thrones-xbox-360The Game of Thrones books have been around for a while now, although safe to say that the series only managed to pick up steam in the past couple of years thanks to HBO making a television series about it, proving itself to be quite a hit and adding itself to pop culture.

Now the latest season, season 4, premiered a couple of days ago on HBO GO but due to the popularity and perhaps HBO underestimating the demand, the service crashed and left viewers frustrated. The good news is that HBO wants to make up for that little gaff by offering free access to the first episode.

The free episode will be available from the 8th of April until the 14th of April and will be available to Xbox users. This offer will also disregard whether or not the user is a subscriber to the HBO GO television service, so if you have yet to watch the episode, now’s as good a time as any to catch up.

Of course this move is also in hopes that viewers will resort to watching the series via official and legal channels, as opposed to pirating it. The TV series is heavily pirated given its popularity and in 2013, it seems that the series was the most pirated show of the year. You’d think that piracy would worry its creators and the studio, but apparently not as both the show’s director and HBO actually welcomed it essentially helped to generate a lot of buzz for it.

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