huawei-mate-2-review-hands-on-090Huawei is a company we’re sure many of you guys are familiar with. The company not only makes a ton of telecommunications devices, such as modems and whatnot, but have also ventured into the smartphone market as well where they have released many a handset that has fallen under the affordable category.

That being said Huawei isn’t exactly a household name when it comes to smartphones, but that is something the company is aiming to change. According to an earlier report, Huawei is looking to budget $300 million in marketing for the year of 2014, and with that amount of money, they are hoping to increase the amount of phones shipped this year by 53.8%.

Given that they managed to sold 52 million back in 2013, what this means for Huawei in 2014 is that they are planning on shipping 80 million smartphones this year. However we should note that smartphone shipments does not equate to phones sold, but given that they are planning to ship that many, it also means that there has to be a demand for it, right?

Will Huawei be able to pull this off? After all they have brands like Apple and Samsung to compete with, both of whom are pretty big in the smartphone department, not to mention there are other Chinese companies looking to expand as well, such as Xiaomi who has their eyes set on 10 countries, but what do you guys think? Will Huawei be able to pull this off?

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