A hydroelectric dam is always a good idea when it comes to generating green power, but there are case studies which show that there will also be a largely negative environmental impact if large swathes of the forest is chopped down and cleared to make way for the dam, displacing the indigenous peoples along the way. Well, one thing is for sure – most of us do live in relatively modern homes these days, where our toilets have a flushing system to get rid of whatever waste deposited. How about using each flush in your toilet to generate electricity? This is what what a South Korean research team has decided to do.

Youn Sang Kim is the one leading this team of researchers, where they have come up with a new kind of toilet. Once it is installed, you will be able to flush without feeling too guilty, as electricity is being generated with each lever pump. Of course, you would also need to flush just and when you need to, and not with wanton abandon since water is growing to be an extremely scarce resource in the world, so much so that future wars might even be fought over water – and not oil. The system is said to be so efficient, even the kinetic energy of a single drop of water that strikes its transducer is capable of powering an LED bulb for a short moment.

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