Much progress have been made concerning the inFAMOUS Second Son patch on PS4, so much so that this particular patch is widely tipped to be published on April 17th (which is tomorrow) over on the PSN (PlayStation Network). Many people have already voiced their grouses about the game, and the team has taken those complaints into consideration, allowing the player to disable the HUD, in addition to giving you the freedom to adjust the time of the day according to your preference once you have finished the game.


Apart from that, there is also the option to cap the game frame rate at 30 FPS should you prefer to play in this manner, and do bear in mind that this would be a frame rate cap and not a lock. Hence, this will not do away the with rare possibility of a dropped frame in the midst of gameplay.

Apart from that, there will be a bunch of localization text changes and a couple of fixes for rare crashes that happen while one plays the game. Should you controller’s batteries run dead in the midst of the game, at least it is smart enough to pause so that you can do the necessary. Also, if you’ve picked the “Expert” difficulty, you will be informed within the options dialog should you qualify for the “Unstoppable” trophy right from the moment you opt in. Oh yeah, did we also mention that you can now enable photo mode within the options? Doing so will let you capture amazing shots each time you pause the game. [Press Release]

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