If you use browsers like Google Chrome, there is a password management extension by the name of LastPass that you might have heard of. The extension will not only help remember and autofill your login information for websites, but it will also help you generate stronger passwords so that hackers have a harder time trying to hack into your account.

LastPass is also an app that has made its way onto mobile devices and the good news for Samsung Galaxy S5 owners is that LastPass has recently updated their app and has added fingerprint support to it. What this means is that the app will now allow users to swipe the fingers on the Galaxy S5’s fingerprint scanner to authenticate within the app, as opposed to having to type out your full master password.

This feature comes in handy as sometimes typing out your password could be seen by those looking over your shoulder, so by adding biometric security support, it becomes harder for those snooping to gain access to your master list of passwords. In fact it’s actually such features that makes the Galaxy S5’s fingerprint slightly more advantageous over the iPhone 5s’ Touch ID.

Touch ID at the moment is pretty limited and can only be used to unlock the iPhone and authorize purchases made on the iTunes App Store. Perhaps it’s due to security reasons or stubbornness that Apple has not opened up Touch ID to developers, but as we can see in LastPass’ utilization of the Galaxy S5’s fingerprint scanner, the feature can be used in many ways.

LastPass for Chrome is a free download, although to add mobile support there is a small fee that you’ll have to pay. For more information or to download the app, hit up the Google Play Store for the details.

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