lg-g2-review-01While LG might have recently unveiled the LG G Pro 2 at MWC 2014, it seems that they are working on another flagship handset which has been rumored to be the LG G3. Well it looks like the rumors can be put to rest because LG themselves have confirmed the existence of the handset, although they did not dive into details as to what sort of specs we might be able to expect.

The handset was referenced in a press release by LG that announced the company’s financials. According to the press release, “Higher revenues are expected in the second quarter with the release of the flagship LG G3 smartphone and wider roll-out of the mass-tier L Series III.” Not only did LG confirm the LG G3, but they have also given us a rough timeframe of when we can look forward to the handset, which is in the second quarter of the year.

Of course this is a little vague although previous rumors did suggest a possible July release. So far we’ve been seeing a couple of leaked photos of the device, and a recent leaked screenshot also confirms the fact that the handset will feature a 2K display. We had initially thought that amongst the major phone OEMs that LG could be the first to the market with a 2K display.

However recent evidence has surfaced that suggests that the rumored Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is indeed real. Assuming that the rumors are real and that the device’s rumored June rollout is real as well, it looks like Samsung could be beating LG to the punch. In any case we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more information, so check back with us at a later date for the details.

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