lg-g3-leak-mockup-h1Apart from the flagship phones announced earlier this year, there are still a handful of handsets left that many are looking forward to. This includes the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the iPhone 6, and the LG G3. So far what we know about the device, through leaks and rumors, is its possible design, its display resolution, and the possibility of it launching in June.

However in the meantime thanks to Bulgarian blog, Nixanbal, it seems that one of their inside sources has managed to get a good look at the upcoming handset and while there are no photos (just a mockup pictured above), they provided the website with a pretty detail description of the phone and what we might be able to expect.

Once again we should note that this isn’t official information so it should be taken with a grain of salt until LG makes it official, but then again Nixanbal has been pretty good when it comes to leaks so perhaps there might be some truth in their report. That being said, screen size was not determined but it is speculated that it could be a 5.5-inch display, except that it will feel smaller thanks to LG shrinking down the bezels.

The source has also described the design of the LG G3’s body to be similar to that of the LG G2. However instead of a glossy polycarbonate body, the LG G3’s body has been described to be of a smooth matte finish which we guess is similar to the Nexus 5 (also by LG). The back cover is also said to be removable which means that a microSD card can be added to expanded on its memory.

There will also be no buttons on the front or the sides. Instead the LG G3 will put all physical buttons to the back of the phone like the LG G2, and the lock key will also come with an LED light which we guess is used to indicate if it is on/off, or it could also be used as a notification LED (we’re only speculating). Other than that, the hardware specs have not been revealed so it’s still all rumors for now, so like we said earlier, take it with a grain of salt.

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