zeldaHeads up Zelda fans, if you love the Legend of Zelda franchise and have collected every game, toy, t-shirt, bundle, and etc. so far, you might be interested to learn that there will be a new Zelda figurine that will be released later this year, Q4 2014 to be exact, although no specific dates have been provided.


The figurine will be priced at a whopping $350 which we guess is more or less standard for some figurines that we’ve seen so far. It will also measure 17-inches tall so safe to say that this is not your typical-sized figurine, but here’s the kicker, apparently only 2,500 such copies will be made, meaning that it is extremely limited so you might want to move quick before it is sold out.

With the asking price of $350 and given its limited edition nature, safe to say that this figurine would probably accumulate in value over the years where you might even resell it for more than what you paid for, although we’re guessing most collectors would prefer holding onto them for keepsake.

According to the description, “Princess Zelda is clothed in the dress that is synonymous with her Twilight Princess appearance. At ¼ scale, she stands an impressive 17 inches tall, including the base that she stands upon. Cast in high quality polystone and painted by hand. Working with the official Twilight Princess game files has allowed First 4 Figures to capture the regal elegance of Princess Zelda, add fine details and bring the princess of Hyrule to life.”

If you would like to see more photos or to place your pre-order, hit up the First 4 Figures’ website for the details.

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