With the rise of wearable technology and the trend of bitcoin, we guess we can’t say we’re too surprised that eventually both their paths would cross and the result is a bracelet-like device that is being made by a startup called MEVU. According to the company, they claim that the device will be the first wearable bitcoin wallet that will be able to make payments via gestures.

The device will be powered by Coinbase’s wallet API and will allow the wearer to send bitcoin to another person simply with a flick of the wrist. The idea is to facilitate smaller transactions, as opposed larger transactions which might involve hundreds or thousands of dollars. According to Apurv Mishra, the CEO and co-founder of MEVU, “If we use bitcoin or any other currency, if it has the facility for tipping, I think that’s what people would want.”

Unfortunately there might be issues regarding compatibility with mobile platforms. Apple isn’t exactly a huge fan of the bitcoin virtual currency, as we have seen in the past, so developing a companion app for iOS devices could be trick. However Mishra has stated that they are working on an Android version for now, so for now it looks like Android users will be the only ones who can check it out.

As it stands the bracelet itself stands as a proof-of-concept but are expected to go up for pre-order within a month which you can find out more from its website.

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