365px-Nintendo_GameboyThe Nintendo Game Boy is a classic piece of gaming equipment. Every kid wanted it back in the day, and if you had one, you were pretty much the most popular kid in school. Well if you have fond memories of the device, we should note that the Nintendo Game Boy is officially 25 years old. Yup, you read that right, if you had fond memories of playing with the handheld console, there’s a good chance that this post might make you feel a bit old.

The handheld console was originally launched on the 21st of April 1989 and basically revolutionized the handheld gaming industry, much like how Sony’s Walkman changed the portable music landscape, and how the iPod changed the way we consumed music digitally. Safe to say it was a classic. The Game Boy went on to evolve and saw upgrades over the years, such as the Game Boy Pocket that introduced a much slimmer profile, and also sharper images.

Later on Nintendo also introduced the Game Boy Color which brought color the Game Boy games, an area in which Sega’s Game Gear had before Nintendo. Later versions of the console revealed the Game Boy Advance and the Game Boy Advance SP, before Nintendo officially discontinued it in 2003.

Now the Nintendo 3DS has taken the Game Boy’s place as Nintendo’s handheld gaming console, but let’s face it, there was a certain charm about the original Game Boy that can never be replaced.

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