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Nintendo Patents Smartphone Case That Transforms It Into A Game Boy
The Nintendo Game Boy is one of most classic handheld gaming consoles of all time, and it is one of the more immediately recognizable devices. However Nintendo’s focus seems to be on the DS series of handhelds these days, but could the company be thinking of perhaps reviving the Game Boy somehow?

Could A Nintendo Game Boy Classic Edition Be In The Works?
Last year to everyone’s surprise, Nintendo launched the NES Classic Edition, which is basically a re-release of the NES console that came with various NES games preinstalled. This year we got the SNES Classic and based on this pattern, it seems like the company is interested in revisiting some of its older consoles.

Photographer Uses Game Boy Camera To Photograph The Moon & Jupiter
In today’s megapixel race, camera manufacturers and smartphone makers love to tout how many megapixels their cameras have. While that is good for certain professions and purposes, like if you wanted to print a huge billboard for example, at the end of the day uploading to social media platforms or just sharing among friends, megapixels aren’t quite as important.

Retro-bit Brings Nintendo’s Game Boy Back From The Dead
[CES 2017] As far as handheld consoles are concerned, or just consoles in general, it’s hard to beat out the Nintendo Game Boy in terms of being a classic. This is why despite there being newer handhelds like the DS or 3DS, the Game Boy’s design is still one of the more iconic and recognizable consoles out there.


Nintendo Apparently Had A Game Boy Successor With The N64’s Power
What companies put up for sale can sometimes be very different from what they had initially imagined. If you were to read the history on computers and smartphones, you’ll know that no company or individual had set out to design a product that resembles the product that is actually being sold.

Game Boy Mod Works Like Magic
Playing classic Nintendo games, especially those of the Game Boy variety, should not be a strange experience to say the least, as there are many different emulators that are out there in the market. Wermy, however, has a different take on the original Game Boy – as he came up with a Game Boy Zero mod that you can see above.

Hyperkin Shows Off Smart Boy
There are certain concepts that can be explored from time to time, and these tend to border on the fantastical for one reason – they are but ideas, and are not held back by the likes of actual physical constraints. Having said that Hyperkin has just showed off the Smart Boy concept, where this particular device is said to be compatible with the classic Nintendo Game Boy titles, targeting the […]

Nintendo Official Game Boy Emulator For Mobiles Could Be On Its Way
The Nintendo Game Boy had long been a symbol of success for the Japanese gaming company for many, many years, and it goes without saying that many of us who grew up in the 1990s had our fair share of fond memories of the Game Boy. Well, it looks as though an official Game Boy emulator for mobile devices could be in the pipeline, according to a recent patent filing […]

Kids React To The Original Nintendo Game Boy, Makes Us Feel Old
The original Nintendo Game Boy was released back in 1989, meaning that it has been 25 years since the handheld gaming console was launched. The console, as far as old school gamers are concerned, is a classic. Nowadays kids are treated to devices like the PS Vita and the Nintendo 3DS, meaning that unless you grew up with the Game Boy, chances are you might not have heard of it.Well […]

Game Boy Emulator For iPhone Taken Down
Late last year it was discovered that there’s a loophole in iOS which when exploited lets users install a Game Boy emulator for iPhone. Its pretty easy to do that on a jailbroken device, the beauty of this loophole is that it doesn’t require a jailbreak. So it doesn’t matter if the user is on a firmware that has no jailbreak available or they simply can’t do it due to baseband […]

Nintendo Game Boy Officially Turns 25 Years Old
The Nintendo Game Boy is a classic piece of gaming equipment. Every kid wanted it back in the day, and if you had one, you were pretty much the most popular kid in school. Well if you have fond memories of the device, we should note that the Nintendo Game Boy is officially 25 years old. Yup, you read that right, if you had fond memories of playing with the […]

Airaki Is A New Game Boy Game
Nintendo’s Game Boy is an institution in the world of video games, there’s no doubt about that. The handheld console that could lasted for so many years in the market, seeing off many other rivals like the Sega Game Gear as well as the TurboExpress. In fact, later iterations of the Game Boy ran on half the amount of batteries required, and yet came with color, a smaller chassis and […]

Game Boy Screen Shows Off Twitter Feed (It’s A Fake!)
For those of you who grew up in the 1990s, I am quite sure that you are familiar not only with the NES, SNES, Sega MegaDrive, but also with the hugely popular portable console from Nintendo that is known as the Game Boy. The Game Boy provided me with countless hours of fun, and who knew that four AA batteries could deliver so much enjoyment? There was nothing quite like […]

These SNES, Gameboy Cartridge Soaps Will Clean Up The Filthiest Gamers
Bath time is probably one of the most important times within a person’s day as there are a ton of benefits to cleaning yourself up on a daily basis. Bathing at least once a day ensures people don’t think you look like a slob as well as doing wonders for your skin and body odor. The problem we’re sure many of you have is the fact soap bars are extremely […]