With iOS 7.1, Apple made its way into our cars. The firmware activated a feature called CarPlay, which is essentially an iPhone powered dashboard for the car. It can be used for a variety of vital tasks such as phone calls, messaging, mapping and even playing music. Several big name auto manufacturers have already committed to support CarPlay in their new vehicles. Though that doesn’t mean anyone who wants to use CarPlay will have to purchase a new car. Aftermarket receivers will get support too, and Pioneer is going to be one of the first to update its receivers.


Through a software update, five of Pioneer’s existing units will get CarPlay support. The update will be released this summer. Pioneer’s receivers capable of supporting CarPlay are from its 2014 NEX series can cost between $700 to $1400. Other manufacturers like Alpine are also working on aftermarket receivers for this feature, so customers will be spoilt for choice.

Apple has also confirmed that Pioneer is going to sell aftermarket receivers with CarPlay support. Some might find this unusual because Apple is a company that rarely lets anyone handle the hardware for its software, but as competition mounts, the company just might be looking to beat others to the punche.

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