image popularity algoEver wonder what makes a photo popular? Off the top of our head we’re thinking sexy images, funny images, or maybe even controversial images, all of which are topics of discussion and potential sharing. However it was only until recently did a group of researchers, Aditya Khosla, Atish Das Sarma, and Raffay Hamid, come up with an actual algorithm to determine whether a photo has the potential to be popular.

As we suspected, images like the types we mentioned above tend to be more popular, although admittedly that’s hardly PhD-worthy, so if you have some time you can check out the original paper which gets into more detail. For example in the paper, they talk about color preferences and how they are tied to popularity which might come in handy for those looking to create an image that will appeal to certain types of people.

We expect that this particular research will also come in handy to marketers who are trying to think up of specific advertising campaigns. After all the use of stock images tend to be favored, so it would be a boon if marketers and advertisers were able to find specific images that would work to their advantage, as opposed to selecting something generic.

They have even created an online calculator that will be able to analyze your photo and give it a popularity score, just in case you were wondering if a photo you’re about to upload on Facebook or Instagram will get many likes.

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