heartbleedI am quite sure that many of us have already read about the Heartbleed bug that has raised quite a sheer amount of panic among some members of the populace, although cooler heads have also prevailed in the process. In fact, some technology firms have urged folks to make changes to their passwords – all of them, after stumbling across this major security flaw. Heartbleed basically allows one to access data that was previously thought to be protected by OpenSSL, the encryption software that is used by internet services across a broad spectrum.

Professor David Stupples of City University have urged folks to make changes to their passwords when it comes to online services including emails and of course, banking. Yahoo blogging platform Tumblr too, has not ignored the gravity of such a bug, having advised the masses to “change your passwords everywhere – especially your high-security services like email, file storage and banking”.

Who would have thought that a product which was used to safeguard data could actually have been compromised, resulting in the ability to “eavesdrop” digitally? What was meant to protect is now a threat, so it would be a good time to think of the many alphanumeric passwords for you to use with your numerous online accounts for the umpteeth time. Let’s face it, gone are the days when JohnDoer0xX!11! can be your password that will last for the next 20 years.

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