While Samsung might be boasting about the Galaxy S5’s IP67 rating which makes it both water resistant and dustproof, they did not mention anything about durability, but then again the Galaxy S5 was not designed to be a rugged phone so we can only assume that if it were to be dropped or run over by a car, you’d probably have to go get yourself a new one.

That being said, the folks over at TechSmartt have decided to put the Galaxy S5 through a drop test and compare it again the Samsung Galaxy S4, its predecessor. Now both phones are made from plastic, although in the case of the Galaxy S5, it features a textured back similar to the Galaxy Note 3 albeit with a different feel, so there’s nothing about the phone that would make it more rugged.

Interestingly enough during the test, which featured drops from various heights and even involved an SUV running the Galaxy S5 over, both phones held its own pretty well. However the Galaxy S5 performed a bit better and when run over by an SUV, the phone’s camera glass was cracked, but the phone was otherwise in working condition.

This is actually pretty impressive although we’re not sure if Samsung had intended for the device to be this durable. So if you were thinking about getting a new phone and were worried about it dropping, you’ll be happy to know that the Galaxy S5 should be able to withstand drops and then some.

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