Boost Mobile is one of the many no-contract prepaid carriers out there that offer a good alternative service for those customers who don’t want to be tied to a service contract. It leans on Sprint’s network for both voice and data. Today the prepaid carrier unveiled three new “unlimited” talk and text plans, including some data allowance, which start at $40 per month.


The lowest plan costs $40 per month and offers unlimited talk and text as well as 500MB of 3G/4G data. Those who blow through the allotted data cap will then be throttled to 2G speeds for the rest of the month. All video streaming on the new Monthly Unlimited Select plans may be limited to 3G, those who’d rather prefer 4G LTE would then be better off with Sprint.

Only difference between the $40, $50 and $60 per month plans is that the others offers 2.5GB of data and 5GB of data respectively. The prepaid carrier doesn’t given an option to purchase additional data, so those who’d like to have more than 5GB would again want to look towards Sprint itself.

Boost Mobile won’t offer Shrinking Payment discounts with these new plans. Previously the carrier would knock off $5 from the bill if customers made paids on-time for six months, thus bringing down a $55 per month plan to $40 in just a year and a half.

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