Netflix has streaming rights for all five seasons of the popular AMC series Breaking Bad. The entire series is available for on-demand streaming in full HD. If that isn’t your cup of tea, just wait until next month as Netflix is gearing up to stream our favorite crime drama in ultra high definition. The online video juggernaut has confirmed that it is going to start Breaking bad 4K streaming this June.

The company previously confirmed that all of its original series will be filmed in 4K. It has already started streaming the second season of House of Cards in 4K. It has been working hard to build up its 4K streaming library which isn’t anywhere near as big as its main content library.

Netflix confirms that remastering of all five seasons of Breaking Bad is almost complete and that they will all be available in ultra high definition with 5.1 surround sound come June. Subscribers will be able to stream 4K content at no additional charge, though they’ll obviously need a 4K TV that’s capable of decoding the HVEC codec that Netflix streams with.

Still, there will only be a subset of Netflix subscribers that actually take advantage of this. As it stands, 4K televisions are quite expensive and will certainly take some time before they’re found in every other household. But if you’ve got one, get excited!

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