Gamers have different opinions about micro-transactions a.k.a in-game purchases. Some would stick to the old way of progressing through the game to unlock items while others would simply throw caution to the wind and dump real world cash to buy in-game items. DICE is now giving that option to Battlefield 4 players. In a blog post it has announced that it is now possible to buy Battlefield 4 Battlepacks using real money.

Battlepacks are bundles of content that include a mix of in-game items like emblem shapes, profile pictures, accessories, dog tags, XP boosts, paints and knives. While some might argue that opening up purchase will give gameplay advantages DICE says that its only meant to let players “tailor their Battlefield 4 experiences with more customization options.”

It also clearly pointed out that despite micro-transactions being opened up players will still be able to earn them through gameplay progression. However the decision caused a stir in the Battlefield 4 community. Even under the blog post many players are leaving comments criticizing both EA and Dice for launching micro-transactions while the game suffers from gameplay issues.

Players will be able to purchase Bronze, Silver and Gold Battlepacks for $1, $2 and $3 respectively from, and through the in-game store as well as the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store.

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