If recent reports are true then soon you might be able to stream games through your Comcast cable box. The company is reportedly in talks with Electronic Arts to sell and stream games through its X1 cable box. First word about this venture broke on Friday and has since been followed up by various other news organizations who all claim to hear from sources that something along these lines is certainly being discussed between Comcast and EA.

The initial report claimed that popular EA franchises like FIFA and Madden might be the few few titles that are streamed through Comcast’s pipes. These games are quite popular on conventional gaming consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox. However Re/code hears that the first games offered through the X1 cable box might be casual and “family-friendly.”

Comcast wouldn’t need to make any modifications to its internet connected X1 cable box. Tablets will reportedly be used as controllers for gaming. Both EA and Comcast are said to have tested the streaming service last month with games being streamed through EA’s Origin delivery service and being controlled through a custom iPad application.

It is not known as yet when Comcast plans on rolling out this game streaming service. There is also no hint about the kind of prices it may charge so we’ll really have to wait for official word to find out how much game streaming through the cable box will cost.

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