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FIFA 18 Gets Free World Cup Update Next Month
The 2018 FIFA World Cup will kick off on June 14th in Russia and as the excitement grows, EA wants to make sure that FIFA 18 players can get in on the action as well. It has announced today that a new update will be released for the game next month which is going to bring the World Cup video game tie-in. It has broken from tradition this time around […]

Microsoft Rumored To Acquire Electronic Arts And Valve
Microsoft recently promoted Xbox chief Phil Spencer to Executive Vice President, Gaming and he’s now going to be responsible for leading the company’s entire gaming business across all of its device and platforms. The company recently announced that its Game Pass subscription service will offer Xbox exclusive titles on launch day. Word on the street is that the company wants to significantly improve its first-party exclusive lineup and may be […]

Need For Speed Payback Announced By EA
Fans of the long-running Need for Speed franchise will be delighted to find out that Electronic Arts has announced a new addition to the franchise. It’s called Need For Speed Payback and it’s being developed by Ghost Games. EA is planning to release Need for Speed later this year for major platforms.

EA Sports UFC 2 Has Ronda Rousey As Global Cover Athlete
Electronic Arts has confirmed that its upcoming title EA Sports UFC 2 is going to have Ronda Rousey as the global cover athlete. Rousey obviously needs no introduction as she was the only UFC women’s bantamweight champion since December 2012, a title that she lost today in a championship fight against Holly Holm. That said, she happens to be the top ranked female MMA fighter in the world and has […]


Comcast Partners With EA For A Cable TV-based Game Streaming Service
Comcast is gearing up to unveil a new service for its users, which will be known as Xfinity Games. The company has collaborated with Electronic Arts in order to go about this new venture. It is now allowing sign-ups for doing a beta test for the service.

E3 2015 Showcases Introductory Footage Of Star Wars Battlefront
Electronic Arts (EA) 2015 displayed multiple forthcoming games, the event showcased the Star Wars Battlefront footage, which involved an amazing ice battle between Empire and Rebel forces. It encompasses everything that a gamer would be delighted to see in a game like this. We are talking about ‘Walker Assault’ on Hoth.

Need For Speed: No Limits Announced
Electronic Arts today announced a new title for the Need for Speed franchise. The title is called Need for Speed No Limits and it will be released only for smartphones and tablets. That’s right, this game will not be released for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, or even the previous generation consoles for that matter.

Comcast In Talks With EA For Game Streaming Via Cable Boxes
If recent reports are true then soon you might be able to stream games through your Comcast cable box. The company is reportedly in talks with Electronic Arts to sell and stream games through its X1 cable box. First word about this venture broke on Friday and has since been followed up by various other news organizations who all claim to hear from sources that something along these lines is certainly […]

EA Star Wars Titles Won't Come To Nintendo Wii U
Yesterday we reported that Disney had licensed Star Wars games production to EA. Just last month Disney announced that it was shutting down LucasArts, the game development arm of the studio. At the time, it was said that they were moving from a developing to a licensing model. EA will be putting DICE and Visceral Games on this development job and it has just been learnt that the new Star […]

The Sims 4 For PC And Mac Release Confirmed For 2014
Earlier today we reported that The Sims 4 announcement was imminent, a domain registration strongly suggested it. That was indeed the case. Electronic Arts has now officially announced The Sims 4 for PC and Mac. The game will be releasing in 2014 and will be developed by Maxis. EA hasn’t revealed many details at this point in time, but have promised that they will be released in the near future.Maxis […]

Electronic Arts To Perform 2nd Round Of Layoffs In A Month
Electronic Arts is still a juggernaut of a game publisher, but this does not mean that they would always be on an upward spiral of growth. Take Apple for instance – their stock is not doing too hot in the market at this point in time, and you won’t find talk of Apple stock hitting $1,000 anytime soon, considering how its next milestone to hit would be half that amount […]

EA Shuts Down The Sims Social, SimCity Social And Pet Society On Facebook
Just how many hours a day do you spend on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and with the slew of apps available over on Facebook, how many more minutes (or hours) are used in playing games on Facebook? Sure, there have been compelling titles in the past, but sometimes, tough decisions need to be made, and Electronic Arts has decided to terminate three titles on Facebook, namely The Sims […]

Gun Shop Links From Medal Of Honor Site Removed
Medal of Honor, a major title since 1999 (boy, has the franchise been around that long already?), has apparently seen gun shop links from its site removed. This move was implemented by Electronic Arts, the publisher of the game, after pressure from groups who have suggested that video games do play a role in inciting real-world violence. According to a representative over at EA, “We felt it was inappropriate and […]

EA sues Zynga for copyright infringement
Game developer and publisher Electronic Arts is now suing Zynga for infringing the copyrights of its Facebook game – The Sims Social. Apparently Zynga’s The Ville, that was detailed at an event in June this year, attracted the attention of EA and prompted the third-largest gaming company to file a complaint in the U.S. district court today. EA now claims that Zynga has willfully and intentionally copied and misappropriated the […]

New Battlefield 3 Armored Kill video shows the largest Battlefield map ever [Video]
Electronic Arts has just released new gameplay footage from Battlefield 3 Armored Kill, an expansion pack for Battlefield 3 which brings new vehicles, gameplay, in-game content and operational theaters. Because the emphasis is on armored vehicle warfare, 5 new vehicles have been added : new tanks, mobile artillery, etc… From the trailer, it looks like players can fight back using air power with the heavily armed Spectre Gunship.The size of […]

Electronic Arts registers for SimOcean trademark, new Sim game in the works?
Some of you guys might remember games like SimCity, SimTower, SimFarm, and more recently, The Sims. These are games developed by Maxis and where users will be able to “sim”ulate different environments based on the game: a city in SimCity, a tower in SimTower, etc. Now it looks like Electronic Arts could be interested in reviving the Sim franchises by possibly adding one more game to the mix thanks to […]

EA adds gay characters to Star Wars game
When it comes to homosexuality, this particular topic can be a potential banana peel for those who are not careful. Well, Electronic Arts has decided to go ahead by introducing gay characters to its Star Wars: The Old Republic game, drawing ire from conservative anti-gay groups. Basically, characters can now indulge in same-sex relationships as well as plot lines in the digital world, and this is definitely not new, so […]

EA picks up Worst Company in America 2012 gong
Electronic Arts, or better known as EA for short, recently picked up The Consumerist’s Worst Company in America award. EA actually edged out Bank of America in what can only be described best as a definitive victory. More than 250,000 votes were cast, and EA actually won by 64% of the votes over the rest of the pool. The result, apart from that unwanted title, will also see a golden […]

Populous game out in 2013?
According to an enterprising NeoGaf user, there is a wiki page out there which was labelled “EAP Marketing FY13 Home Page”, listing down a bunch of upcoming titles from Electronic Arts including The Secret World; Overstrike; Populous; Outernauts and Respawn. Needless to say, this site has since been slapped with a login window, so unauthorized folks are unable to take a peek at what Electronic Arts has up their sleeves. […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic early access to begin 13th December
Good news MMO fans, if you have been eagerly anticipating EA and Bioware’s MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, according to Inc Gamers, the game appears to have its early access date move up to the 13th of December, a good two days before its original date that was originally slated for the 15th of December.