crysis-3-8k-hack-1For those of you out there who are wondering just how much better can the visuals in a video game get from today, perhaps you can take a peek into the future with this particular Crysis 3 resolution hack from K-putt. He managed to tweak the first-person shooter’s main Windows program file in order to have the game’s visuals run at up to an extremely generous 8K (to be more exact, we are talking about 8,000 x 3,333 pixels here) resolution. To put it into perspective, this would be the equivalent of approximately 13 times additional pixels compared to what you will be able to find in a 1080p image, now how about that for a mind blowing experience?

I suppose you can always take a look at the image above as well as the image gallery to better appreciate as to what the future might bring, as the screenshots themselves seem to have made the jump from being a game visual to that of a painting. Heck, the smallest of objects there do come dotted with plenty of detail, being testament to an overwhelming visual feast should 8K resolution gaming take place in our homes down the road.

Of course, it is now up to the hardware manufacturers to come up with something that will work for everyone, as there is no video card setup available at this point in time that will be able to ensure 8K resolution gaming is possible. Perhaps in a few years’ time there might be some progress in the right direction, but for now, it would be good to dream.

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