digital-carpetNot all carpets are the same, and the more knots it has, the higher the intricacy level of its design, you can more or less be sure that the higher the final price tag will be. While science has yet to stumble upon the magical flying carpet formula, the same cannot be said of introducing next generation technology to the world of carpets, as Dutch carpet firm Desso has demonstrated. Desso has decided to work alongside Philips in order to deliver a digital carpet for the masses.

Wait a minute here, a digital carpet? That sounds really insane! Does this mean that it is going to end up all cold and steely, as that is the “normal” perception that one would receive concerning a digital device? Apparently.not, as this digital carpet will rely on an array of LED lights which have been specially laid beneath the carpet. This carpet will feature a specially designed translucent subsurface, where it can subsequently be pre-programmed in order to have it convey electronic messages to those who actually dare walk on it. Alternatively, you can have it function like a mini squawk box, by plugging it into live internet feeds.

This particular digital carpet was demonstrated by Ed Huibers from Philips Lighting to the BBC’s Dougal Shaw, where it is also paraded as part of Clerkenwell Design Week in London.

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