google play webWhile there are many websites out there that have been optimized for web browsing, there are some which aren’t, meaning that you’d have to pinch to zoom and scroll your way through a website designed for large monitors, not small 5-inch displays. Well the good news is that if you were to visit the Google Play Store on the web using your smartphone or tablet, you will be pleased to learn that Google has finally updated it and given it a mobile web interface.

As you can see in the image above, the website finally looks like it is more suited to be viewed on mobile devices, although to be fair, we’re not sure how many are actually going to use it, since if you’re viewing it on your Android phone or tablet, you can just as easily launch the app version of it which would be optimized even further. However suppose that this mobile interface could come in handy for those shopping on non-Android devices.

The interface itself looks clean and pretty easy to use. If you’ve ever browsed the Play Store on your computer or used the app on your Android phone, safe to say there’s nothing new that you didn’t already know. The mobile version will allow users to browse for apps, download them, purchase music, books, movies, and even purchase Google products, like the Nexus handset or tablets, and other accessories, so do check it out if you have a minute or two to spare.

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