gt6-sennaIt has been 20 years since three time F1 champion Ayrton Senna left this world, and Polyphony Digital (does the name ring a bell? That is because they happen to be the very same people behind the Gran Turismo series of games) have worked closely with Ayrton Senna’s Institute (IAS), resulting in an official Ayrton Senna Tribute website as well as brand new Senna-inspired Gran Turismo 6 content for this month.

This unique, one of a kind “Ayrton Senna Tribute” will now be made available from, where fans will be able to follow the life of Senna thanks to a short film as well as a two-part slideshow that has been specially developed with the assistance and full support of IAS in addition to the Senna family.

This particular short film has been given the title “Ayrton’s Wish,” where it will work on the exploration of Senna’s dream in order to offer the children of Brazil the opportunity to realize their own potential via the education route, and at the same time, will introduce the newfound relationship between Gran Turismo and IAS. It was developed with the Senna family, where Ayrton’s Wish is as good as it gets in establishing how the non-profit organization works to a certain extent. [Press Release]

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