power japan plusMost of the batteries we use in our electronic devices are either made from rare earth metals, could explode if punctured, or could eventually lose its capacity after being charged and discharged multiple times, but these are problems that Power Japan Plus are hoping to solve with an organic battery that they have delivered.

Made out of organic cotton, Power Japan Plus’ batteries can not only generate more power than a lithium battery, but it is able to charge 20 time as fast without losing any of its energy capacity, or at least that’s what its creators have claimed. While the battery uses organic cotton, it’s a bit more complex than just stuffed bits of cotton into a metal cylinder.

In order to achieve this, the company has modified the structure of the cotton’s carbon fiber to “create unique properties not seen in other carbon fiber ever developed.” The end result is called Carbon Complex which is used to form the anode and cathode part of the battery, with an organic electrolyte used as a conductor.

This technology was actually created back in 1970s at Japan’s Kyushu University, according to Chris Craney, Power Japan Plus’ chief marketing officer. The company plans on manufacturing anywhere between 500 to 5,000 batteries a month later this year with plans to sell the battery for use in electronic devices. The company also plans on incorporating their batteries in electric vehicles, although that capability will be demonstrated later this year.

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