Yesterday we reported on a registry hack that allows Windows XP to continue receiving software updates from Microsoft. Basically the hack makes a Windows XP system look like Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 which Microsoft will support until April 9th 2019. The company has now issued a statement warning users against the registry hack for Windows XP updates.

Microsoft says that the updates installed as a result of registry modification are intended for Windows Embedded and Windows Server 2003 and won’t fully protect any customers that are still running Windows XP. Those users might run a “significant risk” of functionality issues with the computers if the use this hack since these updates are not tested against Windows XP.

The company reiterates its statement that to be truly protected all XP users should upgrade to a more modern iteration of Windows such as Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. Microsoft has been trying hard to get XP users to upgrade who still account for a sizeable share in the PC market.

Official support for Windows XP updates was killed back in April. Microsoft will no longer officially release any security patches or feature upgrades for the operating system thus the users aren’t protected against any kind of threat. Even though several corporate clients have paid Microsoft millions to have support for XP extended the company won’t be extending the same courtesy to individual users.

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