Time and again the company has said that it won’t unbundle Kinect from Xbox One since its an integral part of the new experience. However merely six months after launch the company has changed course. Today it announced the launch of a Kinect-less Xbox One which is priced at $399. Customers will be able to purchase one in all markets where the console is available from next month. It has also confirmed that early adopters who paid for the entire package whether or not they wanted Kinect will not be rewarded in any way.


Some early adopters might have expected Microsoft to take the route Nintendo did when it dropped the price of 3DS the summer after its launch. All 3DS owners who had purchased the console before the summer price drop received ten Game Boy Advanced titles for free as part of the 3DS Ambassador program.

A spokesperson for Microsoft said that no rewards will be given. “As with many first generation products, the offerings can be expected to change and evolve over time,” the spokesperson added.

Microsoft’s commitment to Kinect was also reiterated in the statement. It was said once again that the motion sensor is “an integral part” of Microsoft’s vision. The company did confirm today that it will offer a standalone Kinect unit for customers later this fall, so those who buy the console without it have an option if they change their minds. Though Microsoft hasn’t said exactly how much the standalone Kinect will cost.

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