nintendo-logoEarlier this morning, there were whispers of Nintendo rolling out a new console at E3 later this year, where the hardware itself will even be playable at the show, and it is also widely believed that this hardware will be linked to the system specifications that were leaked in the earlier part of the year. Apparently, there will be no reveal of any new hardware at this year’s E3, according to an official statement over from Nintendo.

Apparently, the rumored hardware is said to be made up of two different parts, where one would be the ‘Fusion DS’ while the other is a ‘Fusion Terminal’ and these two will combine together to continue from where the Wii U is at this point in time. I guess all of that has been debunked then, as an official statement from Nintendo read, “I can confirm Nintendo is not revealing any hardware at this year’s E3.” That’s that then, I guess, so there is no point in getting your hopes up for a new piece of hardware from the Japanese gaming giant in this year’s edition of E3. Perhaps the different software (read: games) that Nintendo has in store for the masses would be able to make up for the disappointment.

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