No one has ever been able to curb piracy on the internet. Even though there have been lawsuits and entire websites devoted to piracy have been shut down there’s no stopping it. Popcorn Time, a Netflix-like service for pirated movies and TV shows, was launched a few months back and taken down soon after. Since it was an open source project someone else picked up the pieces and launched it again. It has been lucky the second time around and now Popcorn Time for Android has been released.

The Popcorn Time for Android app looks and feels like it does on desktop. Its already available for Windows, Linux and OS X. Users will even get access to all pirated movies and TV shows like they do through the desktop version. All content can be streamed on an Android device at any given time for free, since you know, its illegal and all.

The developers of Popcorn Time for Android had initially submitted the app to Google Play Store. However the app was not approved due to “intellectual property violation.” Since its very easy to sideload an app on Android, it was released as an APK on the developer’s website. Like its desktop counterpart all source files for the Android app are available in the public domain.

Even though it makes streaming pirating content a walk in the park, do remember that you’ll still be walking into a legal and moral grey area, but that has never stopped anyone now, has it?

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