nexus 8Update – Some of you guys have pointed out that this is the Nexus 10 turned sideways. Turns out that it is, and the photo above was taken from 2013 with the Chrome racing game that was shown off. Looks like we got excited for nothing!

Google I/O is taking place next month on the 25-26th of June. Google is expected to make several announcements during the event, and one of them could be the Nexus 8, or at least that’s what’s been speculated. Now thanks to an updated Google I/O banner posted on Google’s website, it seems that they could have let the cat out of the bag a bit earlier than expected.

As you can see in the screenshot above, it shows as unknown tablet pictured in the Google I/O banner. Given that Google could have just as easily used their Nexus 7 or Nexus 10 tablets, some have speculated that this unknown device could be Google’s way of teasing that the Nexus 8 could indeed be announced at their event next month.

The image above is a bit small, but if you were to head on over to Google’s I/O website, you will notice that there are tiny speaker grills embedded at the top and bottom portion of the device. In fact if anything, the design of this tablet is reminiscent of HTC’s design of their phones, which coincidentally enough is in line with the rumors that HTC could be the company Google tasked for the Nexus 8.

HTC has favored the front-facing dual speaker system which they are calling BoomSound. It is a feature found on some of their phones and we reckon it could be a welcome feature in tablets which are generally used in landscape mode. Unfortunately apart from the teaser image and possible inclusion of BoomSound speakers, not much is known about the device, save for the fact that it appears to sport some pretty thick bezels.

Is this the Nexus 8 or are we simply reaching? We guess we’ll just have to wait until Google I/O to find out, but in the meantime what do you guys think? Could this be our first official look at the Google Nexus 8?

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