Microtransactions are a common practice in mobile games. Commonly known as in-app purchases they’re an alternate revenue stream for developers as well as an easy way out for players who want access to the next level without having to work their way up. Driveclub, the much delayed launch title for PS4, will feature microtransactions as well. Players will be able to pay to unlock cars quicker if they don’t want to stick with the relatively slower method of progressing through the game.

Paul Rustchynsky, game director for PS4 Driveclub, was quick to point out that microtransactions in this game merely offer a “shortcut.” Unlike mobile apps players won’t be able to buy a heap of in-game currency by paying real money.

Players will earn Fame in Driveclub, as they earn more, they level up. Every time players level up they receive a new car. They won’t be able to purchase a lot of Fame by putting down real money just so they can freely spend it on cars. Its a shortcut in the sense that if players want to unlock a car straightaway they can pay to unlock that particular car.

Sony hasn’t revealed what it would cost to unlock each car, we’ll probably have that information around the time the game is ready for release. Driveclub players will be able to race through five countries, India, Chile, Norway, United Kingdom and Canada, with 11 tracks being available in each country.

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