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Driveclub Servers Will Shut Down Next Year
There was a lot of hype for Driveclub initially but it seems that it has now tapered off for the game. Sony has confirmed that it’s going to be shutting down the servers for Driveclub, Driveclub VR, and Driveclub Bikes next year. It’s going to delist the games from the PlayStation Network store as well later this year.

Driveclub VR Confirmed As PlayStation VR Launch Title
Sony has promised a fair number of launch titles for the PlayStation VR headset when it arrives later this year and now you can add another title to the list. It has been confirmed that Driveclub VR is going to be a PlayStation VR launch title. It’s going to be released in time for the virtual reality headset’s release in October.

Driveclub Developer Evolution Studios Acquired By Codemasters
Not too long ago Sony confirmed that it had dropped Evolution Studios, which most recently came out with PS4-exclusive Driveclub, as a first-party developer. It wasn’t immediately clear what would become of Evolution Studios as it wasn’t going to live on independently, but there’s clarity now on the future of this studio. Codemasters, another studio that specializes in racing games, has acquired Evolution Studios. This is like a match made […]

Driveclub Hardcore Mode Arrives In February
PlayStation 4 exclusive Driveclub is going to get a Hardcore mode next month, this has been confirmed by game director Paul Rustchynsky, he revealed this bit of information over Twitter. He also shared a 30-second video showing what players can expect when they go out for a spin with Hardcore mode turned on. From the looks of it, this is going to be a fun and challenging experience for Driveclub […]


Next Driveclub Update Brings New Tracks And Tyre Deformation
Driveclub, a title that wasn’t without its faults when it first came out, is going to get a new update soon which is not only going to add new tracks but also going to bring tyre deformation to the gameplay experience. This was confirmed by game director Paul Rustchynsky who has revealed that Driveclub will receive updates with new content next month as well as in the coming year.

Driveclub PS Plus Edition Release Date Confirmed
Yesterday when the product page for Driveclub PlayStation Plus edition went online on the PlayStation Store many thought that this edition of the title had finally been released after countless delays and a state of limbo. However the page was swiftly taken offline and developer Evolution Studios said that it had gone online prematurely, while promising that it will have news to share shortly. Now the Driveclub PS Plus Edition […]

Driveclub PS Plus Edition Released Prematurely, Will Arrive Soon
Driveclub was supposed to be a launch title for the PlayStation 4 but it went through multiple delays and when the title was finally launched it was riddled with bugs, so much so that the developers had to cancel the free PlayStation Plus edition of the game. Since then there hasn’t been much update on the status of Driveclub PlayStation Plus edition but Sony has reiterated multiple times that it will […]

Driveclub PS Plus Edition Almost Ready For Release
It’s been a while since we talked about the PlayStation Plus edition of Driveclub, a free toned-down version of the title that was promised to PlayStation Plus subscribers. However owing to Driveclub’s botched release the plans had to be shelved. Sony last reiterated its commitment to the PS Plus edition back in February and now there’s news that the version is almost ready for release.

Sony Reiterates Commitment To Driveclub PS Plus Edition
We picked up on an interview of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President Jim Ryan yesterday in which he was noncommittal about the release of Driveclub PlayStation Plus edition. He declined to confirm anything about the status of this edition in the interview which made it seem like Driveclub PS Plus edition had been thrown in limbo. Sony has now issued a clarification and has reiterated its commitment to making a free version […]

Driveclub Free PlayStation Plus Edition Is In Limbo
It was confirmed almost two years ago that the PlayStation exclusive title Driveclub will offer a free edition to PlayStation Plus subscribers. However when the title was finally launched last year, after multiple delays, it ran into so many problems that the developers had to indefinitely postpone the PlayStation Plus edition launch. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President Jim Ryan was recently asked about its status in an interview and he was […]

Latest Driveclub Update Brings New Multiplayer Mode And Track
The PlayStation 4 exclusive Driveclub has received a new update today. When this title was released last year it ran into a lot of problems which the developers then had to tweak and fix. This obviously led to a really bad user experience but with quick patches the developers were able to do some damage control rather quickly. This latest update is not as heavy as the ones we’ve seen […]

Driveclub PS Plus Edition Release Date Still Uncertain
Evolution Studios title Driveclub was supposed to be a launch title for PlayStation 4 but the game was delayed even though the console came out on time back in November last year. On October 7th, Driveclub was finally launched for PlayStation 4. Immediately the game ran into troubles, its online features to be precise, and the developer is still trying its best to fix them. Unfortunately it delayed Driveclub PS […]

Driveclub DLC Goes Free As An Apology For Botched Launch
On October 7th 2014 the much awaited game from Evolution Studios, Driveclub, was released. It was supposed to be a launch title for the PlayStation 4 last November but the release was pushed back by almost an entire year. When it finally did launch, Driveclub’s online features were riddled with bugs, and server troubles added to gamers’ agony. As an apology for the botched launched the developer Evolution Studios will […]

Driveclub PS Plus Edition Release Postponed
Evolution Studios’ Driveclub was supposed to be launched alongside the PlayStation 4 last year as a launch title but its release was delayed by well over a year. A couple of weeks back Driveclub was finally released but it immediately hit some bumps. Server issues frustrated many players who were trying to enjoy the title’s online gaming features, which is something that the developer takes pride in. Because of those […]

Driveclub Online Issues Fixed For 'Majority' Of Owners
PlayStation 4 owners have had to wait for Driveclub for over a year since it was delayed back in November 2013. When the game did launch it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. Many of its features rely upon online access since multiplayer is pretty much the essence of this title. Since launch Driveclub owners have been facing many issues when trying to connect to online servers but developer Evolution Studio now […]

Gamers Might Be Compensated For Driveclub's Server Troubles
Recently Driveclub was launched with much fanfare for PlayStation. This game was actually supposed to be a launch title for the PlayStation 4 but it was delayed by almost one full year. The delayed launch didn’t go ever so smoothly. There were countless server troubles which directly affected the gameplay experience as online features are one of its biggest selling points. Its possible that developer Evolution Studios might compensate gamers in […]

Driveclub Compatible Wheels Confirmed
In just about a week’s time one of the most highly anticipated games for the PlayStation 4 is going to be released. Driveclub was meant to be a launch title for Sony’s next-generation console but the title was delayed multiple times. Now nearly an entire year later Driveclub is set to be released in a few days time. Those who want to use a peripheral to enhance the gameplay experience […]

DriveClub White PS4 Bundle Is On Its Way
It looks like a piece of software which has captured the imagination of the masses will also be able to fuel a corresponding spike in hardware sales. Apart from that, another hugely popular tactic by hardware manufacturers would be to roll out what they call “limited edition” bundles, since everyone loves to be exclusive, or at least have that sense of being “above the masses”. Well, Sony has recently announced […]

DriveClub Season Pass And DLC Plan Explained
When the PlayStation 4 was due to launch late last year DriveClub was supposed to be one of the launch titles. However the game was delayed and now it will land on the console almost a year after it was originally intended for release. Evolution Studios has already started working on new content, improvements and updates that will be rolled out for DriveClub once it finally releases. Today the DriveClub season […]

Additional Driveclub Details Revealed
There’s an acute shortage of driving titles on the PlayStation 4 and owners of Sony’s console like me are anxiously waiting for Driveclub to be released. This title was supposed to be a launch title for PS4 however it was delayed. It will now be released almost a year after it was originally intended to come out. Over the past couple of weeks several details about the game have been […]