angry-birds-go-powerWhat do you think of the freemium model for mobile games? It certainly does have its advantages as you will first be able to give the game a go in terms of checking it out, whether it falls within your expectations or otherwise, and then only will you invest additional dollars to make sure that your progress in the game itself will go on smoothly. Of course, there is also the danger of spending plenty of dough in the long run compared to the one-time payment for a game itself. Rovio has decided to take the freemium route with their upcoming Angry Birds Go! kart racing title that will be out this coming December 11th. The thing is, we have heard whispers on the ground that you will find plenty of in-app purchases in the game, and some of them are going to burn a huge hole in your wallet – to the tune of $100, apparently!

Gamers in New Zealand have already received an early release of Angry Birds Go!, and there is this issue of your racer tiring out after a certain number of races. This would mean you can ultimately wait for your racer to recover, or pay actual dough so that your racer has additional energy. If you do not have patience as a virtue, locked characters and bonuses too, can be unlocked earlier by forking out extra money.

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