watch dogsOne of the benefits of playing games on the PC is that developers usually allow gamers to preload a game ahead of its release. This means that gamers can download all the necessary files and patches and when the release date rolled around, all they’d have to do is fire up the game and they can start playing.


This is not a feature that is available on console, yet. Both Sony and Microsoft have recently expressed their interest at allowing games to preload on consoles, and the good news is that this feature will be making its way onto the Sony PlayStation 4 with Bungie’s upcoming game, Destiny, which is due for a launch on the 9th of September.

This is according to the Knowledge Center page by Sony which states that preloading will only begin with Destiny. What this means that if you were hoping that other PlayStation 4 games would feature preloading, you’d be out of luck, and this includes the upcoming Ubisoft game, Watch Dogs.

Many had assumed that Watch Dogs would be the first game to allow preloading, especially since the feature was introduced in the PS4 1.7 firmware. However the updated Knowledge Center page, along with confirmation by a Sony rep who spoke to DualShockers ultimately confirmed that Destiny would be getting that feature first. We guess this isn’t a big deal for some gamers, but for those with shoddy internet connections and were hoping to play Watch Dogs on the launch day itself, sorry to disappoint!

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