xbox onePrior to Titanfall’s release on the PC, Respawn Entertainment revealed that gamers could go ahead and preload the game on their computers. This basically involved gamers downloading the game and installing it, so whenever the servers opened, they could just jump straight in. Unfortunately this feature was not available for the Xbox console.


Now we know that console makers like Sony are exploring the idea of allowing gamers to preload games and it looks like Xbox gamers won’t have to feel left out because that’s a feature Microsoft is exploring as well. This is according to a Reddit thread which was titled, “Xbox One Needs Pre-Loading Feature!”

Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb joined in the thread where he said, “All I can say right now is that yes, we want this feature as well.” Unfortunately he declined to give any specifics when asked about when such a feature would make its way onto the Xbox One. The concept of preloading is very attractive because this saves gamers time from downloading the game on day one.

Some gamers just want to come home and fire up their brand new game, as opposed to spending the entire night downloading it, which depending on their internet situation, could take hours to complete. We’re not sure if Microsoft will be able to beat Sony to the punch, but at least Xbox gamers can rest easy knowing that the feature is being considered.

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