In about two weeks Samsung is going to unveil its new tablet lineup. As per all of the rumors and reports we have seen until now the new tablets make up the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. Two display sizes are expected with similar specifications so the only thing setting them apart would be the size. Given that the first official firmware for these tablets was leaked online today a few details have been gathered. Galaxy Tab S features include the Ultra Power Saving Mode that debuted with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

This mode ensures that the tablet lives on for significantly longer even if its down to the very last percentage points of battery life. The way it does that on the Galaxy S5 is by making the display only black and white, shut off all non essential services and only allow certain crucial apps to launch.

That’s more or less exactly what Ultra Power Saving Mode on the Galaxy Tab S is going to do. The display’s color is turned off and only the bare essentials are allowed to run thus ensuring greater longevity.

The leaked firmware also corroborated a previous report that the tablet will include a fingerprint sensor in its home button like the Galaxy S5. It is unclear right now if it will feature PayPal authorization as well like the smartphone. Samsung might have the answer for us in the second week of June, that’s when it is believed to unveil the 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch Galaxy Tab S.

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