a65discontinued_zpsafd490f9It has been a few years since Sony launched the Sony A65 DSLR camera which means that there are photographers out there who are probably eagerly waiting a successor. There were hints of a possible successor when back in 2013, the A65 was listed as discontinued which is usually the case when a successor is on its way.

It was then rumored earlier this year that a successor for the A65 and the A77 could be on its way as well and while that might have proven true for the A77 in the form of the Sony A77II, the same cannot be said for the Sony A65. This is according to an alleged roadmap (pictured above) which shows that unlike the other cameras listed above, the A65’s road stops in May with nothing to follow after.

Based on this, it has been speculated that it could mean that there will not be an A65 successor, so for those who were hoping for one, it looks like you guys will have to look elsewhere or start browsing other models if you wanted to get something similar or wanted to upgrade your camera. The roadmap also seems to suggest that those looking forward to the Sony A58 or A99’s successor could be in for a wait.

In the meantime is anyone else bummed out that the Sony A65 will not be getting a successor, and which camera did you have your eyes on as an alternative?

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