surface-2-review--016Later today, Microsoft is expected to make some Surface-related announcements. Some have speculated that these announcements could be about the much-rumored Surface mini tablet, while some believe that this could be an event in which Microsoft could announce an Intel-powered Surface tablet that’s larger than the normal Surface tablet.

Both sound understandably appealing, depending on what you want from a tablet, however according to last minute rumors, it seems that Microsoft will not be announcing the Surface mini at the event. Instead the event will be focused on the rumored larger 12-inch Surface tablet that might be powered by an Intel Haswell chipset.

This seems to contradict what we have been hearing about recently, but then again the previous rumors were just rumors, so for all we know they might never have been  true to begin with. However as this is a rumor as well, we guess you should probably take it with a grain of salt too.

In any case Microsoft’s announcement will be taking place today in a matter of hours, so if you’d like to learn about what Microsoft did and did not announce, do check back with later on in the day for the details. In the meantime is anyone else disappointed that there may or may not be a Surface mini?

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