surface-2-review--017We’re sure many tablet owners are eager to see what Microsoft has in store for us come 20th of May. Unfortunately not all of us were invited to attend Microsoft’s event live in person, so we guess the next best thing is to live stream it. Microsoft has recently announced that they will be live streaming the Microsoft Surface event on the 20th of May.

The event will be kicking off at 8am Pacific Time (11am Eastern) on the 20th of May so if you are looking forward to learning about possibly new Surface tablets live, then you’ll probably want to tune in around that time to check it out. So far based on what we know, the event will most likely see Microsoft announce the Surface Mini, a tablet which has been rumored about for quite a while now.

There have also been talks about an Intel Haswell-powered Surface tablet in the works, which has been referred to as the Surface Pro 3. We reckon it might be a bit early for Microsoft to announce a successor to the Surface Pro 2, but there is speculation that the Surface Pro 3 could feature a 12-inch display, thus putting it in a different class of tablets.

Tablets larger than 10-inches aren’t very common, but some claim that the larger display would offer a laptop-like experience, except in tablet form which some users might prefer. Either way you can live stream the event, if you have the time, or you can check back with us on the 20th of May for the details.

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