iphone 4 taserGiven how used we are at seeing smartphones in everyone’s hand these days, we don’t really give it much thought, except that it is possible that the next iPhone 4 you see could really be a taser in disguise. Australian customs have recently seized a batch of weapons that have originated from China.


Within that batch of 6,000 or so weapons were fake iPhone 4 units that on the surface looked like iPhones, but in reality had built-in mechanisms near the top of the phone that had the ability to deliver electric shocks to its intended target. We’re not sure if other batches might have gotten through, but thankfully this batch did not.

A spokeswoman for the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service did not mention whether the police managed to get around to testing the lethality of the devices, or where they were planned on being sold in. We can only imagine how dangerous such devices are, especially when smartphones are so common these days that we tended to overlook them.

In fact upon first glance the image above might just look like a regular iPhone. A 43-year old man from Thomastown, Victoria, a suburb in Melbourne, has since been arrested. If found guilty, he could be facing a maximum of 10 years in prison along with a whopping fine of $394,000.

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