twitter-video-a-million-waysWhile we have received word that Twitter will not be making any moves for the acquisition of SoundCloud, here is another update on the microblogging site that concerns not sound, but video. Twitter has had a penchant for videos for some time now, and it does look as though they are experimenting on a possible new product that hopefully, will be able to encourage more folks to use Twitter as a video platform.

Basically, this new possible feature supposedly takes the difficulty out of creating and sharing videos, as it is a no-brainer to embed, display and play clips on smartphones. One of the best ways to give this feature a go would be to turn on your iPhone, launch the Twitter app, before you compose a new message with the “#amillionwaystodieinthewest” hashtag. Once one begins to type in the hashtag, several results in the automatic results field will appear, where one of them includes a video that is that of “A Million Ways to Die in the West”.

If your curiosity is piqued and you feel like killing a cat, then just go ahead and click on one of those. A screenshot from a clip will make an appearance at the bottom of your message composition field. Should you take the next step and on the image, the clip will begin to play right away. Twitter claims that this video is “provided by” the movie, and hence it is not “promoted by”, so it does not fall under the category of a paid app. What do you think?

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