According to the United Nations, there will be an estimated three billion (!) Internet users before we bid adieu to the year 2014 and welcome the year 2015. It is said that approximately 67% of the future Internet users will comprise of those from the developing world at least this is what the United Nations International Telecommunications Union (ITU) announced recently.

Apart from that, the ITU is also projecting a possible mobile broadband penetration that will hit 32% around the globe by then. It is said that in Africa, approximately one-fifth of the population there will be able to gain access to the Internet, and in the Americas, an estimated two-thirds of the population ought to be connected in some way or another before 2014 draws to a close.

Not only that, Europe is touted to boast of the highest Internet penetration rate of 75%, although the fast growing Asia-Pacific region will feature the largest population of Internet users. These are not surprising figures actually, since we more or less know just where the potential for Internet penetration lies in the map. Such efforts would no doubt also be spurred and aided by the likes of Project Loon that intends to deliver up to a 10Mbps connection in even the most remote of areas.

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